NoPause Printing™

NoPause Printing™ is a process used by Paused to ensure that your products are fulfilled in high standards.

It's basically on demand shipping, where your orders are printed when you order. This means, your shirts are always fresh off the printer, to ensure that you will get the best shirt on every package. Our shirts go through vigorous checks which include:

  • Picking- Our products pick the finest clothing available to ensure that there are no lose threads or weird anomalies.
  • Printing- We print our shirts with industry standard printers.

  • Quality control- We make sure that our prints and products are accepted within our strict standards before we ship it.

  • Sorting- We sort your shirts and other products together so that we don't leave anything behind.

  • Packaging- We package our products only with trusted shipping companies.



But obviously, there are many things that can go wrong and sometimes human error can affect your product. If you have problems with your product, message us on Facebook or email us at Visit our returns and faq page to learn more