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Ever wonder why our products take long to get shipped? Well it's simple: We promote anti-child labour practices. 

Many brands produce shirts made with sweat and tears of a child. Education, proper healthcare are disregarded and sacrificed in order to maximise the business profit. 

Children in these industries often have to meet quotas in order to be fed and paid the well below minimum wage. 

Hence, here at Paused, we do not associate with any products that are the fruits of children's cries for help and desperation. We believe in that way, we may be able to be a leader in sustainable printing and producing of shirts. And as you buy a shirt from Paused, you will be also leading a new wave of t-shirt making that eliminates child labour. 



Our products are printed on-demand under our NoPause Printing program. 

Through the NoPause Printing initiative, we are able to save on ink. Manufacturing and ordering ink may be harmful for our environment as ink requires several products that are sometimes non-biodegradable such as plastic. Hence, we are decreasing our carbon footprint by 70% and when you buy a shirt from us, you will be taking a step with us to make our environment a better place.