About us

Welcome to Paused

We're dedicated to give you quality and stylish graphic shirts and to remind you to 'Don't stop. Just Pause.


The Creation

Paused was born on the idea on taking a break. To pause. 

After graduating from the roller coaster ride of high school, I decided to pause; take a break, before heading off to university. At first, I didn't really know what to do during my gap year. I didn't know if I wanted to lounge around at home or worked tirelessly in a dead-end job.

However, I began to realise that just because I was taking a gap year, doesn't mean stopping what I loved to do: earning new experiences.

Hence, this idea of starting my own business, combined with my skills with graphic design software gave birth to Paused, where the idea of stopping doesn't exist.

~Joaquin, a person.


The Brand

Paused is headquartered in a small bedroom in the rural, isolated town of Geraldton. Here, mostly all things begin, from designs to marketing. Our designs are uploaded to an American company, where they print your shirt on-demand, ensuring that you get the best quality shirts.

Our supplier/printer takes 5-7 days to print your shirts and they go through vigorous quality checks before shipping it to your door.